What is the secret of cheap Oakley sunglasses

What is the secret of cheap Oakley sunglasses. Oakley Sunglasses, as the name suggests, is the “prevention of sunlight (ultraviolet) damage the eye glasses, known as sunglasses prevent computer radiation function. Biologists from the protection of human visual angle, put forward to prevent the light stimulation of the eyes, for example, to meet the welding arc light, light snow look into the sun, must wear dark sunglasses, and time is not too long.
Scientists in the study of special sunglasses, found that some glass can be light or electricity, so that it can change. The optical properties of glasses color, Foakley sunglasses to receive light irradiation, it will undergo reversible changes in absorption spectra, therefore has the characteristics of photosensitive and color reversible, the color characteristics, can produce optical storage materials, magnetic recording materials, optical materials, storage of solar energy materials and solar photochromic sunglasses etc..
Photochromic glasses is also called photochromic sunglasses, photochromic glasses containing silver halide and colloidal photosensitizer glasses. By light exposure will be dark or coloring, stop the light and can return to the original transparent state. This cheap fake Oakley sunglasses in the building can reach the effect of heat absorption and single side perspective, there may also be used as optical switches, holographic and safety materials, obviously, it can also be used as a color changing sunglasses lenses.

2017 New Oakley Sunglasses
2017 New Oakley Sunglasses

The mystery of Foakleys sunglasses is because of the large number of discoloration of silver halide particles. When a certain wavelength of the light to the glasses, silver halide are another component of sunglasses in Catalysis Рoxidation of copper, silver halide in the decomposition of the silver light absorption, atomic energy, lens will become dark, stop light, silver and silver halide fade into the lens.
The color changing Oakley sunglasses has many advantages, but it also has some defects. One is less silica in the lens, the texture is soft and easy to wipe the hair; two is the silver halide photochromic glasses, even after tens of thousands of times changes will not stop, but long-term use will have to slow down the speed of aging, discoloration.
So, what’s new with the polymer lens material that can be used as a solar lens?
The polymer material is used in the optical lens, its application history is more distant than the color changing knockoff Oakley sunglasses. Its earliest attempt was to start from the United States during the Second World War. At that time, their success will be a kind of thermosetting resin CR-39 using molding method of manufacturing lens with low precision, the development of sunglasses products listed, this method is still being used.
The polymer lens material can generally be made of Oakley sunglasses, but to make high precision products, such as used in the manufacture of projector, video recorders, cameras, copiers, telescope, even for military reconnaissance, the higher requirements of the material, both the refractive index and dispersion properties, temperature, humidity or properties and transparence even, processing methods have high requirements. And cheap fake Oakley sunglasses are required, with the magnifying glass, lighting equipment, and therefore, for the materials used to make sunglasses or CR-39 more appropriate.
Need to be explained is that the production of lenses in the process to have coating process. No matter what the material, or is made out of what processing methods must be above the lens coating, the purpose is to make the lens surface optical, chemical and mechanical properties better. In this way, we use physical or chemical methods, left a layer of film on the lens, there is a single layer of film, and some multilayers, and some reflective film, and dura, protective film……
In short, after lens after deposition, a little “beyond” appearance, but also the only way to conform to the requirements of scientific research, more popular with users. Don’t you see, on the street all kinds of knockoff Oakley sunglasses, is not the business of the masterpiece, users of the most love? Get Foakleys Here : sunknockoff.com