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Polarized sunglasses have been used for a long time now which are popular all over the world. Polarized sunglasses are designed for reduce the glare from some smooth surface, such as water. For boaters and fishermen, Polarized sunglasses can reduce the striking glare from the water. Polarized sunglasses absorb the extra sunlight and prevent the glare. That is why they are more useful for fishing than non-polarized glasses. Oakley polarized sunglasses provide more clarity for fishernen to see though water surface. And bikers, skiers and drivers also prefer polarized sunglasses for better view. Polarized sunglasses even are great choice to reduce bringht light for cataract patients immediately after surgery.

When you use Polarized sunglasses with poor quality, they might not be optically correct for our eyes. they can not protect your eyes form UV rays and glare and strain your eyes. Our Foakleys sunglasses with high quality will surprise you that awesome fake Oakleys sunglasses exsit.

The different colored polarized lenses work well different situation for your demands. In the morning, a yellow or Amber lens is suitable. Black or gray is suitable for ordinary days, on cloudy days we can use a brown color. When it is extremely sunny and bright it is good to use the black polarized lenses. Becasue they can absorb the maximum light and cut out the glare to offer better protection and view. Oakley sunglasses are one of the best brands all over the world. Foakley polarized sunglasses not only reduce glare, but also protect our eyes from UV rays and harmful blue light.


Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks intense reflected light, reducing glare. That’s how Polarized lenses work. However polarized sunglasses are not helpful at all times. for instances these situation: It’s not good idea to use polarized sunglasses while downhill skiing. Because the polarized glasses will block the light from reflecting off icy patches and hence the skiers are not alerted to the hazards they are approaching.

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Why do you still wear Oakley sunglasses in winter?

Sunglasses are main tools for shade in summer. We need sunglasses to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. Some sunglasses only bolck visible light, some sunglasses are only regarded as stylish accessories. We need sunglasses for true shade in sunny day.In summer, strong sunlight make eyes feel uncomfortable, ultraviolet ray also can do harm to the eyes. So people will bring sunglasses and umbrellas for shade. In winter, the sunlight is not as strong as the sunlight in summer.But it doesn’t mean ultraviolet ray is harmless. So that’s why I also wear Foakley sunglasses in winter. Oakley sunglasses also can protect my eyes from sands, wind,and impact.

The lens of sunglasses have varied colors, some are deep,some are light. Somebody think the deeper the color of len, the better the sunglasses are. It’s not true. color depth of Sunglasses is generally expressed by light transmittance. The higher the value the better the performance of pervious to light, the higher the resolution. Better transmittance, so is clarity.If the lens color is too light and the light transmittance is low, the sunglasses can not block out UV rays. What’s worse, this kind sunglasses will interfere with vision which can cause danger during driving or excerise.

From the aspects of the health of the eyes, we also need sunglasses in winter. You can find many Oakley sunglasses for daliy outdoor activities or driving here. When we select sunglasses, first of all, you need make sure sunglasses can maintain ture colors. When you put on sunglassesm and look around to see if all objects’ colors and shape are clear or true.I suggest green, dark brown and gray lens.Gray and green lenses are considered neutral because they maintain true colors.Brown lenses cause some color distortion, but also increase contrast.Turquoise lenses are good for medium and high light conditions, because they are good at enhancing contrast, but do not cause significant color distortion.Yellow is “optimum for object definition, but creates a harsh visible light”; amber “allegedly makes distant objects appear more distinct, especially in snow or haze. These lenses are popular with skiers, hunters, boaters and pilots.

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